Formed in 1917, American Friends Service committee (AFSC) is a movement that was formed in conjunction with the Religious Society of Friends with the intention to bring about peace and social justice to the civilian victims of World War I. Initially, when AFSC was formed, the mission was to provide conscientious objectors with constructive alternatives. However, as it continued to exist, AFSC altered its mission to providing military services. 

American Friends Service Committee has registered success in its quest for justice. In 1971, the committee participated in sentencing reforms as they observed criminal law prosecutor at the county levels administering charges. Most of the prosecutors were looking to award very harsh charges to offenders. American Friends Service Committee therefore aimed at affording justice to the people and offering reconciliation tools that would help people in the healing process worldwide. The committee has since generated revenue of 29 million in trying to execute its services to the people. Interestingly, in 1947, American Friends Service Committee was a winner of Nobel peace prize alongside the British Friends Service Council now referred to as Quaker Peace and Social Witness, on behalf of all the then existing Quakers in the world.

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Today, AFSC has revolutionized into a program that deals with a completely new platform of peace and social justice. The committee believes that there is worth in every human being. American Friends Service Committee has launched campaigns to promote non-violence as a better way of dealing with conflict. The committee addresses people from different countries and communities in the United States of America. The committee has gone ahead to divide its operation in fourteen geographical areas in the US. Each of these operations focuses on preaching peace and ensuring immigration rights as well as economic and retrogressive justice.

Apparently, American Friends Service Committee has not been alone in the push for peace and social justice. The Committee has also offered a significant amount of administrative support to the Quaker United Nations Office based in New York City. QUNO serves as the official voice of Quakerism in the United Nation. This support was mostly provoked by the European nations. Friends World Committee for Consultation oversees QUNO. Quakers United Nations Office has its second office at Geneva Switzerland.

Around the world, American Service Friends Committee has also registered significant successes in the fight for peace and social justice. In the report issued by the organization in 2010, it highlighted many projects that it rolled out in parts of Africa, Haiti, Indonesia, and the United States. In the recent past, AFSC initiated a travelling art exhibition named Windows and Mirrors, which is to assess the damages caused to civilians by the war in Afghanistan. These are among many other programs that the organizations have set to achieve peace and justice in all the continents.

American Friends Service Committee has therefore played a bigger role in uniting the world since the end of the First World War. The committee has worked modalities and ways to bring people from different ethnic, cultural, economic, and social backgrounds into understanding about the importance of administering non-violent measures in solving problems of any nature. Today, AFSC continues to serve many people in the world with its main aim being to ensure economic justice and peace in the world.